Chemical products

Vulcanizing Adhesives

In the tire repair process, the right vulcanizing fluids are extremely important. Both quick-drying adhesives for cold repairs and adhesives designed for hot vulcanization are key components of a professional and durable tire repair. When used in conjunction with the appropriate patches or plugs, they help restore the full properties of the repaired tire or tube.

Rubber Roughening Fluids

Essential agents that allow for the quick and effective removal of the butyl layer of the tire. The fluid superbly degreases and cleans the repaired surface, enhancing the entire repair process and ensuring a better repair outcome. Using rubber roughening agents results in a faster, more efficient, and less labor-intensive repair.


Sealants are available in two types:
- "BEAD SEALER" rim sealant based on rubber, which ensures sealing at the tire bead-to-rim interface. Additionally, it can be used to seal the contact between the rubber valve and the rim.
- "SEALINER" patch sealant, designed to rebuild the butyl rubber (hermetic layer) removed during the repair of a tubeless tire.

All sealants come in packages with brushes, making their application easy and convenient.

Tire Talc

Used during the installation of tubes in tires.
They prevent the rubber from sticking and bonding together. They allow for the even positioning of the tube inside the tire during inflation.

Tire Leak Detection Fluids

Used to locate damage in inner tubes or tires. Additionally, they are indispensable for checking the sealing of valves. Available in the form of a highly efficient concentrate that can be diluted in proportions of up to 1:8.